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Guide To The Best Nude Butter Lip Glosses

Guide To The Best Nude Butter Lip Glosses

Pucker up, beauties! Summer is right around the corner, and keeping your lips hydrated, healthy, and glistening in the sun is possible with this guide to the best nude butter lip glosses from the Makeup Drawer.


Understand that gloss formulas have evolved before you get a flashback of those sticky, strongly scented glosses from the 1990s and the nightmare of having your hair stuck to your lips. So many of the issues plaguing from the previous experience are no longer prevalent. 


In fact, the newest lip gloss trend does more for your lips than ever before, thanks to advances in formulation, according to Oprah DailyThey are also long-lasting and loaded with nourishing skincare ingredients, from being reformulated to being less sticky.


So now you can put on lip gloss without worrying about revisiting your past lip gloss struggles. The only problem you'll face is picking the best nude butter lip gloss for your lips. And with the Makeup Drawers collection of nude butter glosses, the process is simple!


How To Pick The Perfect Nude Lip Gloss

Like a pair of well-fitting jeans or comfortable heels, having a nude lip gloss that complements your complexion is necessary. But how do you find the perfect nude lip gloss? Look at your skin tone as well as these other lip gloss tips.


  1. Nude glosses should be near your natural lip color but no more than one or two shades darker
  2. If you have fair skin, something with a hint of coral. Like our "Focus" gloss color
  3. If you have medium to dark skin, you can try what most think of as a true nude-beige or brown tones. (Our Reason or Novel)
  4. When in doubt, peach is an excellent neutralizer (Our Favor Gloss Color). The shade looks great on everyone, as it has a balance between cool and warm tones


Nude Butter Glosses

If you want to streamline your lip gloss game, look no further than The Makeup Drawer. While we may be newer to the beauty scene, we've already earned a permanent spot in many makeup artists' lipstick routines, thanks to how easy it is to use our beauty and makeup products—especially our Nude Butter Glosses. 


These butter glosses come in four gorgeous nudes to bring you glossy perfection with our non-sticky shine, universal product for anyone, anywhere, anytime. 


Clear Gloss 

Give your lips a little sass with some class! Turn your favorite lipstick color into a gloss by applying our most versatile gloss, clear with a touch of glitter. 


Layer this clear glitter lip gloss on top of your favorite lip product for a gorgeous shine, or use it on its own to give those lips a glossy finish. And if glitter is not your thing, we offer a clear high gloss shine that applies on ever so smoothly, leaving you with kissable, scrumptious lips! 


Prep Your Lips For The Smoothest Lip Gloss Application 

If you want to rock your lip gloss, you need to start with smooth lips. You can do a few things to prep your lips; see some of our suggestions below. 


Exfoliate Your Lips

The last thing you want is to accentuate any dry, flaky, dead skin. Hence you want a great lip scrub, like a DIY sugar scrub. 


The quickest way to exfoliate your lips is to gently use a soft-bristle toothbrush in a circular motion to brush away any dry skin. This action can also help stimulate the blood flow giving your lips a smoother appearance.


Hydrate Your Lips

Did you know that the lips do not have oil glands? So, unlike the rest of your skin, the lips tend to dry out and become chapped. Hence you want to take extra steps to get your lips hydrated. This includes keeping yourself hydrated by drinking plenty of water! 


Plump Up Your Lips

Our Collagen Infused Lip Mask is the perfect way to plump and moisturize your lips. This moisturizing, volumizing lip mask helps nourish super-delicate lips for a plump, youthful-looking pout!


The mask works quickly, penetrating the skin of your lips and providing you with the nutrients and moisture you need.


Apply A Hydrating Lip Balm 

After using the Collagen lip mask, pamper your lips with our vanilla lip balmVitamin packed, this lip balm has the perfect Vitamin E and C blend for your lips. And it smells like vanilla ice cream (delicious)


 The Right Way To Apply Lip Gloss 

So now that your lips are kissably soft, you are ready to apply your butter gloss. However, there is a trick to this application. 


Instead of putting lip gloss on like you would when applying lipstick (swiping it on from one side to another on each lip). You only want to use the gloss in the middle of your bottom lip, then rub your lips together. Adding this sheen prevents the gloss from turning goopy.


If you're looking for high shine, apply a few layers of gloss to the bottom lip and press the lips together.


Bonus Tip: Those With Mature Lips 

Butter lip glosses work for all ages; it is not a fade for the younger generation. Whether you are 18 or 75, a lip gloss can be your BFF for fuller lips.


Especially for those beauties over fifty, you start to see a loss of fullness in the lips due to decreased collagen production. If this is you, simply apply some lip gloss to the middle of your lips. The shimmer of the product will pick up light and makes your pout look fuller. No filler is needed here (unless you want them, of course.


Lip Liner Hype... Believe It

If you don't already use lip liner every day, let me explain why it should be part of your regular beauty routine. Lip liner can help achieve a few critical lip gloss goals:

  1. Lip pencils work as a primer for your lip gloss
  2. Applying thin layers will extend the longevity of your lip gloss
  3. Lip gloss won't feather thanks to it
  4. Lip liners give the lips an additional dimension of color
  5. Lip liner creates an even lip line for a polished look


So, there you have it, The Makeup Drawers 101 Guide To Best Nude Butter Lip Glosses.


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