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The Ultimate Guide To Wearing A Bold Lipstick

The Ultimate Guide To Wearing A Bold Lipstick

When many think of bold lipstick, they usually think of a red lip. But beauties, many stunning bold lip colors, not just red, will look fantastic on you! 

 So, if you want to find out how to "Rock A Bold Lip Color," continue reading my ultimate guide to wearing a bold lipstick. 

Tip 1: Exfoliate Your Lips

Prepping your lips is critical when wearing bold lipstick, as the last thing you want is to accentuate any dry, flaky, dead skin. The quickest way to exfoliate your lips is to gently use a soft-bristle toothbrush in a circular motion to brush away any dry skin. It can also help stimulate the blood flow giving your lips a smoother appearance.  


Tip 2: Hydrate Your Lips

Immediately after finishing your lip scrub, you want to hydrate the lips. The perfect way to do this is with our Collagen Infused Lip Mask.


This lip mask permeates quickly into the skin of your lips. Providing you with the nutrients and moisture, you need to hydrate those lips. You can also apply a moisturizing lip balm for an extra boost of hydration. 

Tip 3: Use A Foundation To Neutralize Your Natural Lip Color

Apply a bit of foundation to your lips before applying your favorite bold lipstick helps to neutralize your natural lip color. The benefit of adding a bit of foundation is that if you already have a darker lip hue, it can change the lip color. By applying a foundation or concealer, you will ensure that the lipstick color used is closest to the shade in the stick. 

Tip 4: Use A Lipliner

I know when many think of a lip liner, they think of the 80's. But when applied correctly, a lip liner gives your lips a base to adhere to. It's like a makeup primer, allowing your lipstick to last without feathering or bleeding, which dark lipstick tends to do.  

Tip 5: Color Pay Off Comes From Applying From The Tube

According to professional makeup artist Kindra Mann-Weber, the key to a bold lip is applying the lipstick directly from the tube to give you the most pigmented result.

Tip 6: Set Your Bold Lipstick With Tissue And Powder

An oldie but goodie, thanks, grandma, as this is still useful today. Apply a setting powder to a tissue and place the side with the powder on your lips. This will transfer the setting powder into your lip color, extending the staying power. 

 Tip 7: Know Which Bold Lipstick Color Best Accentuates Your Teeth

To determine your signature bold lip color and get the glamourous Hollywood smile, you want to wear lipstick colors that will positively flatter your teeth. 


Believe it or not, the color of your teeth can play a part in lipstick that will emphasize your teeth. See some samples below.

  • Yellow-orange colors: If your teeth are not so pearly white, this color can emphasize the yellow in your teeth.
  • Brown shades: If you have some brown hues in your teeth, brown lipsticks can highlight them.
  • Pinks: Can highlight any imperfections in your teeth.

 Tip 8: Mix Up The Color Selection

Nothing is more stunning than a bold Fuchsia, a Burgundy, or even a bold berry. As a bold red lipstick is not the only bold lipstick shade! And we at The Makeup Drawer have a wide selection of ultra-rich, bold lipsticks that are perfect for pulling off a bold lip.


Not only are they hyperpigmented, but they are also ultra-hydrating. Effortlessly delivering long-lasting, bold, high color payoff, lasting up to 8 hours.

Tip 9: It's All About The Formulation

There are tons of lipsticks out in the market, trust me. But not all are created equal.

The best way to pull off a bold lip is to look for a velvet matte lipstick with no shimmer. But stay away from drying mattes. Instead, look for ones that offer a silky, creamy texture, rich color, and moisturizing ingredients to deliver pure color with the perfect balance of luminosity. Your matte lips are left beautifully polished.

Tip 10: Balance The Rest Of Your Makeup

To balance out a rich, bold lip color, you want to keep the rest of your makeup minimal and modern. Consider using products like a tinted moisturizer or a BB cream to neutralize any redness, skip the bright rosy blush, but definitely do a contour and highlight, rock those brows, and finish the look with the blackest black mascara.


So there you have it, my ultimate guide to wearing a bold lipstick!


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  • Courtney Dionne
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  • Necia

    Well stated and simply put directions that can be easily followed to create a signature bold look!!!! Now I just have to make sure the color of my teeth stays on point so that I can wear the bold colors that I like 😂.

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